butter price in Pakistan

Butter Price in Pakistan

Butter, a versatile and essential ingredient in many households and cuisines, has been a staple food item in Pakistan for generations. Over the years, the butter price in Pakistan has seen fluctuations due to a variety of factors. This article examines the dynamics of butter prices in the country, the factors that influence them, and their impact on consumers. It also offers insights into the future prospects and recommendations for a more stable and affordable butter market.

Butter Price in Pakistan: An Overview

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Average Butter Prices in Pakistan 2023

Brand Name50GM100GM200 GM400 GM1 KG
Adams Butter SaltedRs. 113Rs. 215Rs. 374
Nurpur ButterRs. 118Rs. 230Rs. 375Rs. 750
NURPUR Butter UnsaltedRs. 118Rs. 230Rs. 384 – 420Rs. 750
Nurpur White ButterRs. 118Rs. 230Rs. 375Rs. 750Rs. 1,637
Maska Butter SpreadRs. 156Rs. 277Rs. 499 – 515
Dairy Life Butter SaltedRs. 179
Nestle Milkpak ButterRs. 214Rs. 357
Nestle Milkpak Dairy Butter SaltedRs. 214Rs. 380
Haleeb Premium ButterRs. 311
PREMA Pure Butter PlainRs. 417
Lurpak Unsalted ButterRs. 525Rs. 980Rs. 1,970
Lurpak Salted ButterRs. 525Rs. 980Rs. 1,970
New Town Dairy Butter UnsaltedRs. 280
New Town Butter SaltedRs. 280
Millac Butter SaltedRs. 180Rs. 335Rs. 1,200
Millac Butter UnsaltedRs. 180Rs. 335Rs. 1,200
Fresh Street Australian Butter UnsaltedRs. 425Rs. 800 – 1,030Rs. 1,450
Fresh Street Australian Butter SaltedRs. 425Rs. 800 – 1,030Rs. 1,450
Emborg Butter UnsaltedRs. 1,417

As seen in the Table, butter prices in Pakistan have increased steadily over the past five years. This trend can be attributed to several factors, which we will discuss in the following sections.

Factors Affecting Butter Prices

Global Market Trends

The butter price in Pakistan is heavily influenced by global market trends. Increases in international butter prices, often driven by factors such as fluctuations in dairy production, demand, and trade, can lead to higher import costs for Pakistan, ultimately affecting local prices.

Domestic Production and Demand

Pakistan’s domestic butter production has been unable to keep pace with the growing demand, leading to increased reliance on imports. This situation is further exacerbated by factors such as inefficient production methods, a lack of investment in the dairy sector, and inadequate cold chain infrastructure.

Government Policies and Taxes

Government policies, such as import taxes and subsidies, can also impact the butter price in Pakistan. For instance, high import duties on butter can lead to increased prices for consumers, while subsidies on local dairy production can help lower the cost.

Impact on Pakistani Consumers

The rising butter price in Pakistan has led to several consequences for consumers. High butter prices have not only strained household budgets but also led to a shift in consumption patterns, with consumers seeking more affordable alternatives such as margarine or vegetable oil.

Future Prospects and Recommendations

To stabilize and potentially reduce butter prices in Pakistan, several measures can be taken:

  1. Enhancing domestic production through investment in the dairy sector and adoption of modern farming techniques.
  2. Improving cold chain infrastructure to minimize wastage and preserve quality.
  3. Reviewing import duties and government policies to balance the interests of local producers and consumers.


The butter price in Pakistan has experienced a steady increase over the past few years, influenced by various factors such as global market trends, domestic production, and government policies. This has had a significant impact on Pakistani consumers, who are faced with higher prices and changing consumption patterns. Addressing these challenges and implementing the recommended measures can help stabilize the butter market and benefit both producers and consumers in the long run.

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