Khmer Lottery Apk – How to Check Khmer Lottery Result

Hey Guys! Here is the Khmer Lottery apk about what you are looking for. This app will give you easy access to all the updates regarding the Khmer lottery.

No doubt, playing lottery games is a way of gambling and fun. Often a lot of people buy tickets and take part in lotteries to try their luck. And this is true as well, some people become rich overnight.

The people who take part in these lottery games need to be stay updated. And Khmer Lottery app provides them a legit way to keep in touch with the latest details.

Now, Have a look at the brief history of Khmer Lottery Scheme

History of Khmer Lottery

Basically, this is a Lottery scheme of Cambodia. At the start, the government declared it illegal. But when they looked at the growth and the profit gained from the Khmer Lottery Scheme; they built some legal platforms that were directly associated with the government of Cambodia. Now they are running a legal lottery scheme. This is why it has become quite safe and beneficial for the people. But still, other platforms are considered as illegal.

How to Download Khmer Lottery Apk

You can easily download the app from right here by clicking the download button given below.

Khmer Lottery Apk File Information

File Name Khmer Lottery Apk
File Size 8.5 MB
Updated On 26-06-2020
Latest Version 1.8V
Compatible Devices Android 4.4+
Developed by Cambo Developers

If you want the live stats of the result, then you can checkout Khmer Lottery Result from

About Khmer Lottery Results Daily

A large number of people buy tickets daily to play the lottery. Even many citizens earn a lot of money through lottery games. Because the results of the Khmer Lottery are announced five times a day and each result includes the top four winners.

Well, the results are announced at the given times daily.

  • 10:35 am
  • 1:00 pm
  • 3:45 pm
  • 6:00 pm
  • 7:45 pm

However, some people love to play a lottery online. Because the Government of Cambodia has a contract with Dreamwin Corporation and allows them to run it online. So, you can easily take part in these lottery games online.

How to play lottery through an application

For playing a lottery through an application, you will need to register yourself and move on. Whenever you play the lottery then you will be able to see all the announced results. However, this android app provides a great privilege to people who do not want to go out for purchase tickets. Moreover, it is a quite convenient and safe way.

Things you should keep in mind

There are some important things that you should always keep in mind. Once, you buy a lottery make sure to sign at back.

First of all, if you buy a ticket from the operator then must check his license. Because the tickets that you have purchased from an illegal platform will not be acceptable.

The real operator gives you a slip, on which you will have to mark five digits. You can mark any number: and the result of the lottery will be based on these digits.

Moreover, you should keep the ticket carefully until the result is announced. Unfortunately, if you lost it then you will not be able to collect your prize no matter whether you have won the first prize.

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