Harley Morenstein Networth

Harley Morenstein Networth

Harley Morenstein, a towering figure with a distinctive beard and an insatiable appetite for culinary adventures, has become a household name in the world of YouTube food content. Born on July 20, 1985, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Morenstein’s journey from a history teacher to the “Sauce Boss” of the internet is nothing short of remarkable. With his unique blend of humor, passion for food, and ability to create over-the-top dishes, he has carved a niche for himself and has garnered millions of followers worldwide. His YouTube channel, ‘Epic Meal Time,’ is not just about food; it’s an experience, a wild ride into the world of extreme culinary creations. But who is Harley Morenstein behind the camera? Let’s delve into the life, achievements, and net worth of this internet sensation.

Quick Facts
Full NameHarley Morenstein
Date of BirthJuly 20, 1985
BirthplaceMontreal, Quebec, Canada
NicknameSauce Boss
ProfessionYouTuber, Actor
Net WorthUSD $6 million (as of 2023)
Height6 feet 6 inches (1.98 m)
EducationDawson College, McGill University
Famous For‘Epic Meal Time’ YouTube Channel

Early Life and Background

Harley Morenstein’s roots trace back to the vibrant city of Montreal, Quebec, where he was born and raised. Growing up in a Jewish household, he was instilled with values of family, tradition, and a zest for life. His parents, Alan and Heather Morenstein, played a pivotal role in shaping his early years, providing a nurturing environment that allowed his creativity and passion for food to flourish.

From a young age, it was evident that Harley was not just an average kid. Standing tall, quite literally, he often towered over his peers, a trait that would later become one of his defining characteristics. His close bond with his brother, Darren Morenstein, was evident even in their childhood days. The duo shared many interests, and it was clear that they were destined to collaborate in the future.

Childhood Highlights
BirthdateJuly 20, 1985
ParentsAlan and Heather Morenstein
SiblingsDarren Morenstein
EthnicityAshkenazi Jewish
HometownMontreal, Quebec, Canada
NicknameSauce Boss

Growing up in Montreal, a city known for its rich culinary heritage, Harley was exposed to a myriad of flavors and cuisines. This early exposure ignited a passion for food, and he often found himself experimenting in the kitchen, much to the delight (and sometimes dismay) of his family.


Harley Morenstein Education

Harley Morenstein’s academic journey is as intriguing as his culinary adventures. He began his formal education in Montreal, where he showcased not just a flair for creativity but also an innate love for history. This passion for the past would later play a significant role in his career choices.

He attended Dawson College, a renowned institution in Montreal, where he honed his analytical and critical thinking skills. But it was at McGill University that Harley truly found his calling. Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Education, he delved deep into the annals of history, a subject he was particularly fond of. His professors often remarked on his ability to draw parallels between historical events and modern-day scenarios, a skill that made his classes engaging and thought-provoking.

Educational Journey
CollegeDawson College
UniversityMcGill University
DegreeBachelor’s in Education
Favorite SubjectHistory

While many know Harley as the “Sauce Boss” of YouTube, few are aware of his stint as a history teacher. After graduating from McGill, he took up a teaching position at Lakeside Academy in Lachine. As a history teacher, he brought the past to life for his students, often drawing from his own experiences and using innovative teaching methods to make the subject more relatable.

Harley Morenstein Social Media Accounts And Links

YoutubeHarley Morenstein
FacebookHarley Morenstein
SnapchatComing Soon
TwitterHarley Morenstein

Rise to Fame

The world of YouTube in the early 2010s was burgeoning with creativity, and among the rising stars was Harley Morenstein, a former history teacher with a penchant for culinary excess. His foray into the digital realm began with a simple video, but what followed was nothing short of a gastronomic revolution.

In 2010, alongside his friend Sterling Toth, Harley co-created the YouTube sensation, ‘Epic Meal Time’. The premise was simple yet audacious: create over-the-top dishes that defied culinary norms, combining popular foods in ways no one had ever imagined. From fast-food lasagnas to meat monstrosities, ‘Epic Meal Time’ was a wild, calorie-laden ride that viewers couldn’t get enough of.

Epic Meal Time Highlights
Co-creatorSterling Toth
Signature DishFast-food Lasagna
Guest StarsSeth Rogen, Tony Hawk, Arnold Schwarzenegger
SubscribersOver 7 million (as of 2023)

The success of ‘Epic Meal Time’ was meteoric. Within a short span, the channel amassed millions of subscribers, with viewers eagerly awaiting their weekly dose of culinary madness. The show’s appeal wasn’t just the outrageous dishes; it was Harley’s charismatic presence, his humorous commentary, and the sheer joy of watching someone indulge in food without reservations.

The channel’s popularity caught the attention of celebrities and renowned personalities. Big names like Seth Rogen, Tony Hawk, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger made guest appearances, further cementing ‘Epic Meal Time’s’ place in YouTube history.

Other Ventures and Achievements

Harley Morenstein Other Ventures and Achievements

While ‘Epic Meal Time’ was the cornerstone of Harley’s digital success, his entrepreneurial spirit and creative genius led him to explore various other avenues in the entertainment industry.

Epic Meal Empire

Building on the success of ‘Epic Meal Time’, Harley ventured into television with the spin-off show, ‘Epic Meal Empire’. Premiering on FYI television in 2014, the show retained the essence of its YouTube predecessor but added layers of comedy, guest appearances, and even more outrageous culinary creations. It wasn’t just about food; it was a comedic culinary journey that resonated with a broader audience.

Viral Vines and Vlogging

In 2013, the world saw a different side of Harley. Leveraging the short-form video platform Vine, he created a series centered around his iconic beard. This “Vine on beard shaving” series quickly went viral, showcasing Harley’s versatility as a content creator. His success on Vine spurred him to launch a personal vlog channel on YouTube, where he shared snippets of his daily life, adventures, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of ‘Epic Meal Time’.

Film and Music Video Appearances

Harley’s charisma and unique persona caught the attention of filmmakers and music video directors. He made cameo appearances in music videos like Destorm’s ‘Epic wRap’ and even ventured into acting with roles in films such as the horror-comedy ‘Tusk’ and the zombie movie ‘Dead Rising: Watchtower’. His collaborations with renowned personalities like Freddie Wong for the ‘Video Game High School’ series further solidified his position in the entertainment industry.

Notable Achievements
TV Show‘Epic Meal Empire’
Vine SeriesBeard Shaving Vines
Notable Films‘Tusk’, ‘Dead Rising: Watchtower’
Music Video‘Epic wRap’ by Destorm
YouTube Vlog ChannelOver 300,000 subscribers

Personal Life

Behind the larger-than-life persona of the “Sauce Boss” lies Harley Morenstein, a man deeply connected to his roots, family, and relationships. While his professional life is an open book for his millions of fans, his personal life offers a glimpse into the man off-camera, revealing a side that’s equally endearing and relatable.

Relationship with Kyla Leon

In 2014, Harley began dating Kyla Leon, an aspiring actress. Their relationship, filled with love, laughter, and mutual respect, quickly became a favorite among fans. Kyla often appeared on Harley’s vlog channel, sharing their adventures, travels, and candid moments. Their Instagram posts, filled with affectionate captions and photos, showcased a couple deeply in love and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

Family Ties

Harley shares a close bond with his family, especially his brother, Darren Morenstein. The duo’s camaraderie is evident in their collaborations and shared ventures. Their parents, Alan and Heather Morenstein, have been pillars of support, encouraging Harley’s unconventional career choices and celebrating his successes.

Personal Life Highlights
GirlfriendKyla Leon
ParentsAlan and Heather Morenstein
SiblingDarren Morenstein
PetsOften features his dog in vlogs

Hobbies and Interests

Away from the camera, Harley is an avid traveler, exploring new destinations and cultures. His love for food extends beyond ‘Epic Meal Time’, as he often indulges in local cuisines during his travels. An animal lover, Harley’s vlogs frequently feature his pets, showcasing their antics and adventures.

Net Worth and Financial Insights

Harley Morenstein’s meteoric rise to fame in the digital realm has not only garnered him millions of fans but also a substantial financial success. His ventures, ranging from YouTube content creation to television appearances and endorsements, have contributed to an impressive net worth.

Epic Meal Time Earnings

‘Epic Meal Time’ is undeniably the cornerstone of Harley’s financial success. With over 7 million subscribers and consistent viewership, the channel generates significant revenue from ad placements, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. The show’s unique content and loyal fan base have made it a lucrative venture.

Television and Film Endeavors

Harley’s foray into television with ‘Epic Meal Empire’ and his roles in films have added to his earnings. These ventures, combined with his cameo appearances in music videos and commercials, have diversified his income sources.

Endorsements and Collaborations

Brands have recognized Harley’s influence and reach, leading to several endorsement deals. His collaborations with celebrities and renowned personalities have further boosted his earnings.

Financial Highlights
Primary Source of Income‘Epic Meal Time’ YouTube Channel
Secondary SourcesTV shows, Films, Endorsements
Estimated Net WorthUSD $6 million (as of 2023)
Merchandise Sales‘Epic Meal Time’ merchandise, Cookbooks

Trivia and Fun Facts

Harley Morenstein, the charismatic “Sauce Boss,” is a treasure trove of intriguing anecdotes, quirks, and lesser-known facts. Let’s dive into some fun tidbits that offer a glimpse into the man behind the epic meals:

Nickname Origins

The moniker “Sauce Boss” wasn’t just a catchy title. Harley earned this nickname on ‘Epic Meal Time’ due to his penchant for creating and using a plethora of sauces in his dishes. Whether it’s a rich gravy or a spicy concoction, Harley’s love for sauces is unparalleled.

Bacon Enthusiast

Harley’s fondness for bacon is legendary. So much so, that he was invited for a cameo in the ‘Rhett and Link’ music video titled ‘Rub Some Bacon On It’ in 2012. It’s no surprise that many of ‘Epic Meal Time’s’ dishes feature bacon prominently.

Height Matters

Standing at a towering 6 feet 6 inches, Harley’s height is one of his most distinguishing features. He often jokes about it in his videos, and it’s become a part of his signature presence.

Educator at Heart

Despite his massive success in the entertainment industry, Harley often refers to himself as a history teacher. His love for education and history remains a significant part of his identity.

Fun Facts
Favorite IngredientBacon
Signature SauceWhiskey-infused BBQ sauce
Hidden TalentCan play the harmonica
Dream CollaborationA cook-off with Gordon Ramsay

A Man of Many Talents

Apart from his culinary skills, Harley has dabbled in writing, resulting in two cookbooks that encapsulate the essence of ‘Epic Meal Time’. These books, filled with outrageous recipes and Harley’s signature humor, are a testament to his versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions About Harley Morenstein

Harley co-created ‘Epic Meal Time’ with Sterling Toth in 2010. The idea was to create over-the-top dishes that defied culinary norms, combining popular foods in ways no one had ever imagined.

Harley attended Dawson College and later pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Education from McGill University. He also worked as a history teacher at Lakeside Academy in Lachine.

Harley stands at a towering height of 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 m).

As of the last update, Harley was in a relationship with Kyla Leon, an aspiring actress.

As of 2023, Harley Morenstein’s estimated net worth is around USD $6 million.

‘Epic Meal Time’ is available on YouTube, with new episodes and content being uploaded regularly.

Absolutely! Harley is active on various social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where he shares updates, and behind-the-scenes content, and interacts with fans.


Harley Morenstein’s story is a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of digital content and the limitless possibilities it offers. From the classrooms of Montreal to the screens of millions worldwide, his journey is a blend of passion, creativity, and a relentless drive to entertain. The “Sauce Boss” of YouTube has not only redefined culinary content but has also showcased the power of authenticity and staying true to one’s roots.

His success with ‘Epic Meal Time’ is just a chapter in a life filled with adventures, challenges, and heartwarming moments. Behind the larger-than-life dishes and the comedic antics lies a man deeply connected to his family, values, and the community he has built over the years.

In an era where content is abundant, Harley stands out with his unique blend of humor, culinary expertise, and a genuine love for his craft. His story serves as an inspiration for aspiring content creators and anyone looking to pursue their passions, no matter how unconventional they might seem.

As we celebrate the legacy of Harley Morenstein, we are reminded of the joy of food, the power of community, and the magic of staying true to oneself. Here’s to the Sauce Boss, a true internet sensation, and a beacon of creativity in the digital age.

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