Gigi Gorgeous Networth

Gigi Gorgeous Networth

Gigi Gorgeous, born as Giselle Loren Lazzarato, is not just a name but an emblem of transformation, courage, and beauty. Hailing from the vibrant city of Montreal, Canada, Gigi’s journey from a young boy realizing his true identity to becoming a transgender icon in the beauty industry is nothing short of inspirational. With a net worth that’s a testament to her hard work and a YouTube channel that resonates with millions, Gigi Gorgeous stands tall as a beacon of hope for many in the LGBTQ+ community. This article delves deep into her life, tracing her steps from her early days to her current status as a global sensation.

Quick Facts
Full NameGiselle Loren Lazzarato
Date of BirthApril 20, 1992
Place of BirthMontreal, Quebec, Canada
ProfessionYouTuber, Model, Actress, Businesswoman
Net WorthEstimated between $2 to $5 million
Known ForAdvocacy for LGBTQ+ rights, YouTube content, Gigi Gorgeous Cosmetics

Early Life and Background

Born on April 20, 1992, in the culturally rich city of Montreal, Canada, Gigi Gorgeous was originally named Gregory Allan Lazzarato. The world of glitz and glamour was far from her reality during her childhood days in the suburbs of Mississauga. Raised alongside two brothers, Gigi’s early life was filled with the usual ups and downs of a suburban family.

However, a significant turning point in her life was the realization of her true identity. At the tender age of 13, Gigi recognized that she was a transgender woman. This self-awareness, although liberating, came with its set of challenges in a society that was still coming to terms with LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance.

Early Life Highlights
Birth NameGregory Allan Lazzarato
SiblingsTwo brothers
SchoolingAttended local schools in Mississauga
Higher EducationGeorge Brown College, Toronto (Studied Fashion Merchandising for a year before dropping out)
Major Life EventRealization of being a transgender woman at age 13

Gigi’s educational journey took her to George Brown College in Toronto, where she pursued Fashion Merchandising. However, her passion for the world of beauty and fashion led her to drop out after just a year, setting the stage for the rise of “Gigi Gorgeous” – the YouTube sensation.

Gigi Gorgeous Social Media Accounts And Links

FacebookGigi Gorgeous
SnapchatGigi Gorgeous

Rise to Fame: The YouTube Era

Gigi Gorgeous  Rise to Fame: The YouTube Era

In 2008, the digital landscape witnessed the emergence of a vibrant new voice. Gigi Gorgeous, then known by her birth name, launched her YouTube channel, initially focusing on makeup tutorials, fashion insights, and personal vlogs. What started as a passion project soon transformed into a platform that resonated with millions.

Gigi’s authenticity, combined with her expertise in beauty and fashion, made her an instant hit. Her channel wasn’t just about makeup; it was a space where she shared her personal journey, her transition, and the challenges she faced as a transgender woman. This raw honesty garnered her a loyal fanbase, making her one of the most influential YouTubers of her time.

YouTube Milestones
Channel Launch2008
Subscribers CountOver 2.8 million (as of the last update)
Notable Series“The Avenue” (2011-2013)
Content FocusMakeup tutorials, Fashion insights, Personal vlogs, LGBTQ+ advocacy

Beyond YouTube, Gigi’s influence expanded to other media. She graced various TV shows, including MTV’s “The After Show” and “Project Runway All Stars”. Her transition journey shared candidly with her audience, not only amplified her fame but also positioned her as a beacon of hope for many in the transgender community.

Career Highlights

While YouTube was the catalyst that propelled Gigi Gorgeous into the limelight, her talents, and entrepreneurial spirit led her to venture into various avenues of the entertainment and beauty industry.

Modeling Endeavors

Gigi’s striking presence and confidence caught the attention of several fashion designers. She walked the runway for renowned designers like Marco Marco and Thierry Mugler, showcasing her versatility and breaking barriers for transgender models in the fashion world.

Gigi Gorgeous Cosmetics

In 2018, Gigi took a leap into the world of entrepreneurship by launching her cosmetics line, “Gigi Gorgeous Cosmetics”. The line, which features a range of products from lipsticks and lip glosses to highlighters, was lauded for its quality and inclusivity.

Career Milestones
Modeling“The Listener”, “Project Runway All Stars”, and “The After Show” on MTV
Cosmetics Line LaunchGigi Gorgeous Cosmetics, 2018
Notable TV Appearances“The Listener”, “Project Runway All Stars”, “The After Show” on MTV

Media Engagements

Gigi’s charisma wasn’t limited to YouTube. She made appearances in short films like “I Hate Myselfie” and its sequel. Additionally, she was featured in Adam Lambert’s music video for “Another Lonely Night” and hosted the series “The Avenue” from 2011 to 2013.

Gigi’s career is a testament to her determination, talent, and ability to adapt and evolve. From a YouTuber sharing makeup tutorials to a businesswoman with her cosmetics line, her journey is an inspiration to many.

Personal Life and Advocacy

Gigi Gorgeous Personal Life and Advocacy

Behind the glitz and glamour of Gigi Gorgeous’s public persona lies a story of courage, self-discovery, and advocacy. Her personal journey is intertwined with her commitment to raising awareness and promoting acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Gigi’s realization of being a transgender woman at a young age was a pivotal moment in her life. Embracing her true self, she began her transition, sharing her experiences and challenges with her audience. This openness about her journey made her a beacon of hope for many facing similar struggles.

Relationships and Love

Gigi’s personal life has been a topic of interest for many of her fans. She was in a relationship with fellow YouTuber, Cory Binney, from 2016 to 2017. However, her engagement to Nats Getty, an American socialite, and heiress to the Getty family fortune, garnered significant media attention. Their love story, filled with romantic gestures like Getty’s proposal in Paris, has been celebrated by many.

Personal Life Highlights
TransitionBegan her transition journey in her teenage years
RelationshipsCory Binney (2016-2017), Engaged to Nats Getty
AdvocacyVocal supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance

Advocacy for the LGBTQ+ Community

Beyond her personal journey, Gigi has been a staunch advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. Using her platform, she has raised awareness about transgender rights, promoted acceptance, and inspired countless individuals to embrace their true selves. Her efforts extend beyond YouTube, as she has participated in various events, campaigns, and initiatives aimed at supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

Gigi’s personal life and advocacy efforts highlight her resilience, compassion, and commitment to making a difference. Through her story, she continues to inspire and empower individuals around the world.

Financial Insights: Breaking Down the Net Worth

Gigi Gorgeous’s journey from a budding YouTuber to a global sensation has not only earned her fame but also significant financial success. Her diverse ventures, from YouTube to modeling and her cosmetics line, have contributed to her impressive net worth.

Estimated Net Worth

Reports and analyses suggest that Gigi Gorgeous’s net worth lies between $2 to $5 million. This estimation takes into account her earnings from various sources, including sponsored content, modeling gigs, and business ventures.

Primary Income Sources

  • YouTube: With over 2.8 million subscribers, Gigi’s YouTube channel is a significant source of income. Sponsored content, ad revenue, and collaborations have contributed to her earnings.
  • Modeling: Walking the ramp for renowned designers and participating in high-profile fashion events have added to her financial portfolio.
  • Gigi Gorgeous Cosmetics: Launched in 2018, her cosmetics line has been a lucrative venture, with products ranging from lipsticks to highlighters.
Financial Highlights
Estimated Net Worth$2 to $5 million
Monthly EarningsApproximately $64,000 from various platforms
Major InvestmentsGigi Gorgeous Cosmetics, Real Estate

Real Estate Investments

Gigi’s interest in real estate is evident from her investments over the years. In 2014, she purchased a luxurious condo in Toronto for $1.3 million, which she later sold in 2020 for $1.7 million. Further elevating her real estate portfolio, Gigi acquired a stunning Beverly Hills mansion in 2018, valued at $3.1 million.

Gigi Gorgeous’s financial journey is a testament to her hard work, strategic investments, and entrepreneurial spirit. Her net worth reflects not just her earnings but also her ability to diversify and invest wisely.

Legacy and Impact

Gigi Gorgeous’s influence extends far beyond her YouTube channel and business ventures. As a transgender icon, LGBTQ+ advocate, and successful businesswoman, she has left an indelible mark on the world, inspiring countless individuals with her story of courage, authenticity, and resilience.

Transgender Icon

Gigi’s candid sharing of her transition journey has made her a beacon of hope for many in the transgender community. By openly discussing the challenges and joys of her journey, she has provided a platform for understanding and acceptance, breaking down barriers and misconceptions.

LGBTQ+ Advocate

Beyond her personal story, Gigi has been a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. Whether it’s participating in Pride events, collaborating with LGBTQ+ organizations, or using her platform to raise awareness, her efforts have contributed significantly to the cause.

Legacy Highlights
RoleTransgender Icon, LGBTQ+ Advocate
Business VenturesOver 2.8 million YouTube subscribers, and millions of followers across social media platforms
InfluenceOver 2.8 million YouTube subscribers, millions of followers across social media platforms

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Gigi’s foray into the business world with the launch of Gigi Gorgeous Cosmetics showcases her entrepreneurial spirit. Her cosmetics line, celebrated for its inclusivity and quality, reflects her commitment to excellence and her understanding of the beauty industry.

Inspiration for the Next Generation

Gigi’s legacy is not just about her achievements but also about the inspiration she provides. Her story of self-discovery, acceptance, and success serves as a powerful narrative for the next generation of creators, activists, and individuals from all walks of life.

In conclusion, Gigi Gorgeous’s legacy is multifaceted, encompassing her roles as a content creator, advocate, entrepreneur, and icon. Her journey and impact serve as a testament to the power of authenticity, determination, and passion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gigi Gorgeous

Gigi Gorgeous rose to fame primarily through her YouTube channel, where she shared makeup tutorials, fashion insights, and personal vlogs. Her candid discussions about her transition journey further amplified her popularity.

Gigi Gorgeous’s net worth is estimated to be between $2 to $5 million. This includes earnings from her YouTube channel, modeling gigs, and her cosmetics line.

Launched in 2018, Gigi Gorgeous Cosmetics is a beauty line that features a range of products, including lipsticks, lip glosses, and highlighters. The brand is celebrated for its inclusivity and quality.

No, Gigi Gorgeous is not currently married. However, she is engaged to Nats Getty, an American socialite and heiress.

Gigi Gorgeous’s Beverly Hills mansion, valued at $3.1 million, boasts six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a swimming pool, a guesthouse, and a spacious backyard.

Gigi Gorgeous has faced numerous challenges, including her transition journey, struggles with substance abuse, and a battle with breast cancer. She has been open about these experiences, using her platform to inspire and support others.

Gigi’s fiancé, Nats Getty, is a member of the prominent Getty family, known for their vast wealth and influence. Nats is the great-granddaughter of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty.

Gigi often emphasizes the importance of authenticity for aspiring YouTubers. She advises creators to stay true to themselves, produce content they’re passionate about, and maintain consistency to build a successful channel.


Gigi Gorgeous’s journey is a testament to the power of authenticity, resilience, and determination. From her early days in Montreal to her rise as a global sensation, her story is filled with moments of courage, self-discovery, and triumph. Through her platform, she has not only entertained millions but has also become a beacon of hope for the LGBTQ+ community, breaking barriers and promoting acceptance.

Her achievements in the world of beauty, fashion, and entertainment are commendable, but it’s her impact on the lives of countless individuals that truly defines her legacy. Gigi Gorgeous is more than just a YouTuber or a businesswoman; she’s an icon, an advocate, and an inspiration.

As we reflect on her journey, one thing is clear: Gigi Gorgeous embodies the essence of living one’s truth, and her story will continue to inspire generations to come.

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